5 Ways To Boost Your Online Presence As A Music Producer


5 Ways To Boost Your Online Presence As A Music Producer by Erick Ycaza.

Being a producer in an oversaturated music scene can be a life sentence to poverty. That is, unless you know how to market yourself. Social media marketing skills can make the difference between blending into the crowd of hundreds of other producers in your area and enshrining yourself as the go-to for high-quality tracks. In […]

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Wishing for warmth: Torin Bell – Memories of Spring #Downtempo #Minimal #Chill


This year has been so wet thus far. We seem stuck in a perpetual cycle of cold days, rainy soggy pitches, windy nights, and discussions of chill factor. Spring seems elusively out of reach. A promise unfulfilled. Torin Bell returns with the beautiful Memories of Spring to remind us of what we hope is so come.

Of the track saying, “This song captured the audial experience of my past Spring. The sounds and effect reflect the springtime and bring on the sense of peace and wonder of new beginnings.” This is string filled, chilled hopefulness. A track filled with perky green shoots of recovery and chiming guitar. Beats wash softly. Notes tumble like gambolling lambs. Renew your sense of what is to come here. Let the sunshine of the track warm your pale face.

Taken from Memories of Spring EP

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Black Tiger Sex Machine & ATLiens – Frequencies


‘Frequencies‘ is a fresh new bass anthem by Black Tiger Sex Machine and ATliens. Right from the start, it will rattle your heart as both the signature sounds of each artist group shine through. Its release is on BTSM’s label, Kannibalen Records.

Instantly treat yourself to a buildup of post-apocalyptic chants, wondering where we will head to next. Soon enough, your ears and heads wobble from BTSM’s heavy electro synths and sound. As the cover art and title suggest, it is a robotic world full of fresh frequencies. The sci-fi inspired atmosphere makes it all the more epic. Combining dark electro, hard trap, and bass, what more could you ask for in collaboration from them? This is a bass head or dubstep lover’s wet dream.

The masked duo, ATLiens, hail from Atlanta and always unleash a stream of dark, bass-driven music. So, they pair perfectly with Montreal based trio, Black Tiger Sex Machine. Why? Because these five masked crusaders of music both show no signs of stopping in this realm of music. Their live sets break everyone’s necks and they’ve played some of the biggest events in the world.

BTSM is on a mission to save the world from evil through funky sounds and pounding beats. Meanwhile, the Georgians are seizing states left and right, garnering support from industry champions. Bassnectar, Skrillex, Zeds Dead, NGHTMRE are just a few. Their additional collaborations with Woolymammoth, Havok Roth and others continue to place them on the map. Let’s see if we can get this played at one of their sets this year.

Unique, insane, and artistic, this is not for the faint of heart. It has even been expressed to play this song on a good sound system. Want to experience it for yourself? Listen below now.

Black Tiger Sex Machine & ATLiens – Frequencies | Buy/Stream

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Circus in Town . . !


Lots of fun today: in the Twitter-verse, in the blog-o-sphere & in general.

A Clown Car pulled into town. All of the clowns had their tits in a wringer; i.e. they were pissed off (which I told ’em was better’n bein’ pissed on)! They visited for a little while; shouting, squealing, ranting, raving, pissing their britches & making a general fuss & commotion ’bout a simple question I had posed.

But none of ’em knew the answer.
So they elevated their argumentation to the old stand-by: ad hominem attacks.

Their faces got red
They misspelled words
Their grammar (not their Grandma!) sucked
They thrashed & wailed.
They circle-jerked one another & nodded in unison like so many bobble-head dolls.
And they elevated my stats & metrics off the freakin’ chart!!
(through the roof, baby!)

And thus . . . I’m grateful.

Thanks, boys . . . let’s do it again real soon!

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A-Trak Promises More Duck Sauce On The Way Very Soon


A-Trak and Armand Van Helden are keeping the vibes coming with another serving of Duck Sauce.

The duo returned last month with their feel-good single “Smiley Face,” and now A-Trak promises more on the way. Considering it had been six years since we last heard any Duck Sauce originals, we’ll take all we can get.


Prior to the release of “Smiley Face,” fans were treated to a brief 8-second clip of the track. So far, this tweet is our only hint of a new single due out Friday — so we’ll keep our eyes and ears peeled for more.

A press release on the return of the project is just too good to not share:

In 2009 A.D., two rogue researchers set on a path to spread the gospel of man’s most stoic waterfowl friend: the duck. For five feathered years, the Canadian trapezist known on the Dark Web as A-Trak and the diplomatic passport-holding hostage negotiation expert Armand Van Helden distilled their avian discoveries to the tune of the kickdrum. They called this project Duck Sauce.

Quack, quack.


Photo via Coachella

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Seven Lions and Dimibo Release New Amygdala Mix Under Abraxis Alias


Seven Lions and Dimibo’s collaborative project Abraxis is making its EDC Las Vegas debut this year, and the duo just released a new mix in celebration of the news.

Called the Amygdala Mix, this hour-long journey through various styles of trance should give you an excellent idea of what to expect if you’ve never heard an Abraxis live set or even didn’t know the project existed.

Listen to the mix below!

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Disclosure Release Fourth New Song This Week, “Etran”


For their fourth new single this week, Disclosure offer up “Etran,” a tribal, beat-focused single with loads of house flavor. They call upon a collaborator for the second time this week in Etran Finatawa, a Nigerian group that fuses Arab and African sounds.

With a fourth single out this week, a fifth and final one to round out this series tomorrow is almost all but confirmed. Listen to “Etran” from Disclosure below and go here to listen to the previous singles.


Photo via Sam Neill Photo

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Major Labels Are Now Generating Over $1M Every Hour From Streaming


While artists continue to complain about the meager returns they see from streaming platforms, major labels are raking it in. According to a new report from Music Business Worldwide, major labels overall are now generating over $1 million every hour from streaming.

According to MBW’s number-crunching of corporately-reported recorded music numbers, Universal’s artists and labels generated $1.02bn from streaming in calendar Q4 2019; Sony’s generated $669m; and Warner’s generated $589m.

In total, that meant the majors’ recorded music divisions collectively turned over $2.26bn from streaming in the fourth calendar quarter… which equates to $24.8m per day… or $1.03m every single hour.

In a blog post on Medium, RIAA chairman and CEO Mitch Glazier noted that paid subscription streaming is “driving the return to growth,” but that we still need long-term, sustainable public policies to benefit artists.

“Today’s report reflects the prospect of a future in which creators have a path forward,” Glazier wrote. “But it also reveals how much farther we must go to assure a healthy music community in which all music is valued and creators are fairly compensated. We still have not realized the full value of music on all digital services.”

There’s still plenty of room for music tech companies to discover untapped revenues to be collected, and artists must still also find creative ways of monetizing their work. But, overall, the future of music is looking bright and hopefully modern music laws can keep up and put the musicians first.


Photo via Rukes.com

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